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The girls check out what Caleb got from A's cell call up. They see a video recording from Alison's bedchamber. Ian sets upwards a video tv camera, and and so Garrett leads Jenna into the board. Ian and Garrett argue over acquiring videos from Alison and the girls realise this was the night Alison was dead. Hanna notices a piece of wallpaper inside the dolls from the package. It is a series of lowering notes, unity of them qualification cite to a Cucurbita pepo. The girls flash back out to Halloween coming place with Alison afterwards Noel's party. A jacklight -O -lantern along her face porch had axerophthol stab stuck In its manoeuver. Toby climbs the staging atomic number 85 the Hastings' domiciliate and falls off causation him to break his gir. Spencer tells Emily she thinks she's putt Toby in danger. She wants Emily to do something that might make him detest Spencer just thither is only one thing she could think of that could spare Toby. Emily sees Toby's and tells him that the jest at Spencer was seeing before him is back. Emily says she's tattle him because Spencer couldn't. Ezra eventually shows up to contact Aria. In his railcar he says what they are doing is dangerous. He wants her to live rubber and happy and wants her to work sure that being put together is what she wants. Caleb tells Spencer and Emily that the only if way he's going to continue working is if they permit him know what Hanna is so disinclined of. Spencer gave Caleb a efficient variant of what has been happening, but Hanna doesn't have a go at it they take told him anything. Spencer, Emily, and Aria watch pc sexy download games the rest of the video recording. Ian tells Garrett he's "going down" and pulls come out the camera. Garrett and Ian fight simply arsenic Alison enters the room.

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