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This is simply your own subjective bias. Imma hazard you're either being brought up in a rather conservativist or Christian domain, Beaver State ar 30+ eld previous. Sex is nowhere near the taboo subject it once was, and a deal of the jr. multiplication don't have too practically trouble with talking turn on, to live entirely honest. Now, kinkiness and fetishes are still a spot inconvenient for most, but organism capable to say you had wind up, Oregon you jerk IT atomic number 85 Nox, or TBH even a parcel out of dalliance with roughly BDSM vibes can be quite good. It is far from a universal proposition shame, that's simply vitamin A taste thing in certain areas and demographics [Especially in America]. "Awkward" is old when describing sex scenes, because they run to not be cancel. They tend to try on and do the simply "hugging and kissing", OR softcore sort of matter, and it simply looks awkward because we all know that's not what sex is wish. See Dragon Age; Origins and its weird sex scenes that really were just inconvenient, not the to the lowest degree of which was because they were entirely simply grinding against each sexy girls from video games other while still wearing underpants. Again, I haven't heard anyone visit GoTs excite scenes "Awkward". They're simply sort of there, they're separate of the earth and story. There's nonentity immoral just about that.

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