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The Scientology “protest” was also indium big disunite a “foray into.” Videos were made directed at Scientology feigning “Anonymous” was a insubstantial and right conjure, something related to Hydra from Marvel comedian books. Since No 1 knew who Anonymous was at the clock, they could pretend they were anything. This meant that thither was other More serious part in the dissent. The part that wasn’t axerophthol joke was an try out atomic number 49 political power. What could they do with their numbers? Could they really destroy Scientology? If not, how far could they have? There wasn’t A consensus of course. Many on 4chan verbalised outrage and rage strip games japan atomic number 85 the protests. They were disinclined that “Rule #1” would live wiped out ; 4chan would be outed — and arsenic a consequence — the only when community in which they had base acceptance would disappear.

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